03 Feb

March is prime time to get your landscaping headed in the right direction for the rest of the year. We recommend the following to be performed in Spring :

- Pruning

- Pre Emergents in Beds: Pre-M or Snapsho

- Mulching : Hardwood, Colored Hardwood, Pine Straw, Bagged Pine Needles, or Cypress Mulch

- Lawn Fertilization : Your lawn applications will depend on your soil analysis. You can get a soil test done by the LSU AgCenter at a very low charge. There is a location at Lamar Dixon in Gonzales and another on the campus of LSU in the LSU Ag Building at the South gates of LSU in Highland Rd.

- Lawn Pre- emergents:

- Foliar Spraying:

- Tree & Shrub Fertilization: Oscmacote

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